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Why sponsor the Méditerranéen Days of ADHD?

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Providing Hope To Millions



Every life is a gift.     Every life counts.     Every life has value



At TDAH PACA, We Are Working To Change The ADHD Story, We Need Your Help


It is estimated the over 129,000,000 children have ADHD around the globe.

TDAH Paca is a non-profit organization with the primary focus of serving everyone affected by ADHD. Our goal is not only to relieve a crisis, but to make a fundamental change in the individual’s life and future. But we cannot do it without you – we need your help!

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The conference will be held at the prestigious Centre Universitaire Méditérranéen - 65 Promenade des Anglais Nice France

The conference attracts prestige experts in the field of ADHD.


Conference sponsors are exposed to a highly engaged audience.  Take part in the conference, by exhibiting during the conference.


Facts on ADHD:


Between 5 and 6% of children and About 4.1% of adults are affected by ADHD all around the world.


 TDAH PACA is Fighting for the support and management of ADHD in France.



At TDAH Paca, our goal is to do everything possible to improve the lives of everyone living with ADHD.  We work in partnership with teachers, researchers, families, individuals and other Non-profit organizations to improve the life chances, educational equipment and emotional well-being of people affected by ADHD by providing management resources and a better understanding of ADHD and other related learning difficulties.




Our Company Values


Empowerment - Integrity - Compassion


These are the core values that guide our services.  Our primary focus is to help people affected by ADHD live a normal, healthy life.  But our goal is not just to help them get by, no, we want so much more. At TDAH, our goal is to ensure that they thrive.

Thank you to our Sponsors

We are proud to acknowledge the following organizations for their generous support of the

First Méditerranean Days of ADHD- International conference on ADHD 24th -25th May 2019






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